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Fleet Management System

All in one platform for manage your fleets. Tracking your fleets, monitoring your driver's behavior, reminding for each maintenance, and many more.

Modern Infrastructure Solutions

Technology and innovation are developing so fast that organizations have a hard time keeping up.
Modern Infrastructure focuses on multipurpose functionality to keep up with technological developments, and support the similarities and differences in business environments.
DELL EMC, Lenovo, Pure Storage, Arista, Rubrik, IBM

Security System for Cloud

Encrypt your data right on your device before syncing it to the cloud providers of your choice. No need to consider server locations or whether any third parties.
Tanium, Fortinet

Device Management

Manage any platforms and any devices. Secure your company's devices to make sure that the company's device is only used for work need
Hexnode, Tanium

Software Video Management

Video analytics helps to solve a wide range of tasks to ensure safety and security and improve process efficiency.

Internet of Things solution and Services

IoT help manage the disparate parts of devices like sensors, security, tracking, networks, platforms and such.
Reduce cost while increasing productivity, and IoT solution can also create seamless communications between devices and employees.
Lacak.io Uniview, Chatbot system, Philips,

Field Worker Management Service

Managing clusters of worker have always been a daunting task for company, from tasking, scheduling to manage performance.
Field Worker Management Service allows company to integrate field staffs and system accurately and allows company to objectively evaluate performance

Blockchain Technology Solution

The massive use of data in current digital world have unlocked yet another need to look and dive deeper into the world of data to grasp insights and hidden values.
Blockchain technology allows data to be interlinked to each other, ensuring security and data integrity, both to protect and to ensure data clarity

And many more solutions!

IT Infrastructure Solutions
Security and Cloud System Solutions

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